Regain Your Confidence With Dentures in Geneva IL

If you have missing or broken teeth, eating, smiling and talking may be very uncomfortable for you. Many people who have problems with their teeth find that it has a very negative impact on their lives. They may have difficulty chewing and they may not have the confidence to smile and talk with others. However, getting Dentures in Geneva IL can make a huge difference in how you feel about your teeth. Eating can become easier and you will once again have the confidence to smile, talk and laugh with others.

When you go to your first appointment to get Dentures in Geneva IL, an impression will be taken of your gums. This helps the dentist determine the size and shape of your dentures so that the proper fit can be made. It will take approximately a month for your dentures to be completed. If you have recently had natural teeth extracted, this will allow time for your gums to heal. In some cases, it may take up to six weeks for your gums to heal but your dentures can be made during this time.

After your dentures are completed and have been adjusted as needed, you are ready to wear them full time. It may take a little while to get used to the feeling of wearing them, but once you have they will feel more natural and comfortable. You will be very pleased with how natural your teeth now look. Dentures also help support the facial muscles so that you can smile with complete confidence. You can also brush and floss your dentures just like natural teeth to keep them looking clean and beautiful.

Fox River Periodontics has been helping patients with a variety of different dental problems for many years. They can also create full or partial dentures so that patients can chew normally and be confident with the appearance of their teeth. These dentures are made to be strong and durable, and with proper care they can last for many years. With the help of these dental professionals, many patients have regained their confidence to smile again.


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