Reasons Teeth Whitening in Ahwatukee AZ Should be Handled by a Dentist

by | Jun 11, 2014 | Healthcare Related

Many people today are very concerned with how bright and white their teeth appear. For many people the condition of their smile can have a huge impact on how they feel about themselves and how the amount of confidence they project in both social and professional settings.

While many people may decide to use teeth, whitening kits designed for home use, these products can often be difficult to use and the results are not always, what a person might hope for. Because of this, it is often best to visit a dentist for Teeth Whitening in Ahwatukee AZ.

Dentists can use professional quality products when they are whitening patient’s teeth. These products can produce much better results than those offered by kits used in the home. In addition, in most cases the time needed for the whitening agents to activate is much shorter than with other products. This can be a great advantage for many busy people.

Most times when a patient sees a dentist for Teeth Whitening in Ahwatukee AZ, they will meet with the dentist so he or she can evaluate the condition of the teeth to determine if whitening treatments will be effective. There are some issues of staining or discoloration which whitening products will not help. In those cases, other treatments may be needed.

Once a dentist has assessed the patient’s teeth, the teeth will undergo a professional cleaning so plaque and tartar can be removed from the teeth prior to the application of the whitening agents. A dentist will generally paint the whitening product on each tooth separately. This helps to ensure all surfaces of the teeth are well covered with the product. A tray is generally filled with additional whitening product, applied to the teeth and left in place for a period of time. A special laser or UV light is also applied to the teeth to speed the processing time.

While this process can produce results, which will be immediately noticeable, often it can require a number of visits to get a patient’s teeth as white as possible. This type of treatment can be a bit more costly when compared to kits for use at home, but the results will make it well worth it. For more information, click here to investigate.


Teeth Whitening in Ahwatukee AZ

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