Exploring Your Many Solar Eclipse Viewer Options

If you plan to watch a solar eclipse, it’s vital to use an approved solar eclipse viewer. You can make your own pinhole cameras and even use paper plates, but why go to all this trouble, when you can buy high-quality viewers or glasses for less than one dollar? Not only that, some manufacturers give you many options to explore and here are some of the many selections you may want to consider.

Commemorative Glasses

Many people plan special events for the Great American Eclipse, and you can buy affordable glasses, commemorating the event. They make excellent keepsakes.

Special Designs and Colors

You may choose from many solar eclipses viewer colors and designs. You can even have plain white frames if you like or choose customized glasses. Take the time to visit a trusted online eclipse glasses supplier, and you’re sure to find something you like. Some are themed for adults while others have themes and colors that kids will appreciate.

Card Viewers

What about people who wear glasses? Most eclipse glasses will fit over them, but it may be easier for these people to use card viewers instead. This type of solar eclipse viewer is three-inch by five inches and has a viewing area in the middle. They fit easily into pockets, and you have several designs to choose from.

Sturdier Selections

If you want glasses that will last a long time and hold up under many conditions, consider plastic glasses that resemble sunglasses. They feature scratch-resistant lenses and come in protective bags.

Safety First

Don’t forget to buy approved viewers that are CE certified. To make sure you get the best quality, choose a manufacturer that’s ISO certified. Eclipse viewing is fun and something to share with others, so make sure you provide the right kind of eye protection so everyone can enjoy eclipses in the future, too.

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