Extend the Life of the Transmission With Superior Transmission Repair in Mesa

by | Apr 1, 2016 | Autos Repair

At one point the automobile transmission required a lot of work for shifting gears, and this component later became known as the standard transmission, mostly because it was the standard option on new vehicles. This sort of transmission can very durable with one or two exceptions. For instance, the standard transmission needs a reliable way to disengage the engine for shifting purposes, and this is handled using the clutch assembly.

The clutch for a standard transmission sits between the engine’s flywheel and an item known as a pressure plate. The pressure plate has a series of ‘fingers’ that connect the throwout bearing. When the pedal is pushed, it forces the throwout bearing to push the fingers, and this separates the clutch and flywheel just enough that the engine is disengaged. All of this motion is one reason the clutch can wear. Another is a lazy footed driver that tends to rest their foot on the clutch pedal. In some vehicles, this small amount of pressure is enough to allow the clutch assembly to slip and wear.

Repairing the clutch is a reasonably simple task when compared to the automatic transmission. Transmission Repair in Mesa for this kind of problem often requires the device to be disassembled. This is due to the components inside including any clutches required for shifting. The only external part that might need replacement is the torque converter, however, this is fairly rare.

Reducing the need for repairs is possible with proper maintenance. For example, the automatic transmission can have a fluid change to reduce abrasive debris in the system. This gunk comes from the clutches and thin gears found inside the unit. Unfortunately, if the mechanic finds metal in the system, then it may be time for rebuilding or replacing it.

One other option for extending the life of the transmission, and possibly eliminating problems such as slow shifting, is a pressurized fluid flush. This Transmission Repair in Mesa allows the mechanic to force fluid through the tiny areas inside the system including those in the control mechanism is known as the valve body. The valve body is the most important part of the system for controlling gears. If junk blocks any passages, then the transmission could have serious troubles. Schedule an appointment for quick and easy maintenance and reduce the worry of transmission failure.

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