Car Body Styles: The Differences Between Car Types

In the current car market, there are many different types of car classes to choose from. While they are usually similar, they will have some clear distinctions between them. Your lifestyle will dictate what works best for you. Common options that are available from most manufacturers include four doors, coupe, hatchback, and crossover.

Four Door

The four door sedan is an extremely common body type in the automotive industry. A Ford Fusion in Wheeling is a great example of a classic sedan. It is really your all-purpose car, with five passenger seating, and a bit of cargo space it can fit almost everyone’s day to day needs.


A coupe is going to have the same chassis as its four door brother. However, a coupe is generally going to be more sports-minded. The lack of back doors can make it difficult for day to day use, and uncomfortable if you end up having any passengers in the back seat. The two door set up also makes it not very practical as a family car. The focus is going to be on suspension and engine, giving it superior handling and better acceleration.


A hatchback is going to be very similar to a four door sedan. It will have come more cargo space, and a bigger opening to access that space. The hatchback design is quite popular in Europe, although it is not nearly as popular in America.


CUVs or crossovers are a little less car like, and bordering on the SUV side of vehicles. The lines are a little blurred, as CUVs may share the same chassis with either a car or an SUV. This depends on the manufacturer. If you are looking for more rugged vehicle then a CUV may be for you. If your life needs something with all-wheel drive or 4×4 capabilities, a CUV will usually meet that requirement.

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