How Wastewater Treatment Plants Can Benefit From Using Magnetic Flow Transmitters

For most cities and towns, having a functional wastewater treatment facility is a must. In order for these facilities to run efficiently, the right tools will need to be used. If a plant like this is unable to keep up with the flow of water in their pipes, a number of problems can arise. When the pipes are clogged, it can lead to a lot of pressure build up. Having a pipe rupture in one of these treatment plants can bring productivity to a standstill and cause a lot of problems. The following are some of the benefits of using a Rosemount 8732 magnetic flowmeter transmitter.

No Need to Interrupt the Flow of Water to Check it

One of the biggest problems with traditional mechanical flow transmitter is the work that goes into using them. Usually, a wastewater plant would have to shut down the flow of water to get an accurate assessment with a mechanical transmitter. Using the Rosemount 8732 means you can continually monitor performance without having to stop the flow of water. The Smart Meter Verification system built into this transmitter helps you get the accurate readings you need with ease.

Avoid False Readings When Pipes Are Empty

A wastewater plant relies heavily on the readings they get from a flow transmitter. If the readings are being affected due to the pipes being empty, it can cause a lot of problems. With the Rosemount 8732, you can take advantage of the tunable empty pipe diagnostic feature. This feature is specifically designed to minimize false readings and give you the accurate data needed to keep your wastewater plant running smoothly.

You can also verify the meter is installed properly due to the ground and wiring fault detection system it features. When trying to improve the efficiency of a wastewater plant, installing the Rosemount 8732 is a great idea.

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