Factors To Consider Before Buying Bulk Lead Ingots

Buying in bulk is always a good option, but that doesn’t mean that every bulk purchase is a good deal, particularly when purchasing lead ingots. There are several different factors that should be compared, before buying bulk lead ingots, particularly if buying from a seller you have not done business with in the past.

The price of the bulk lead ingots will typically be the first factor considered. In addition, make sure you understand the following factors when determining which is the best option.


Be very careful about buying lead ingots from anyone other than the manufacturer of the product. Often lead is melted down from scrap and can contain a range of other metals and alloys that are present in the wheel weights, reclaimed shot or other items that are melted down.

Look for a seller that can provide the specific purity of the bulk lead ingots. Top companies will usually provide a 99.7 and a 99.9% pure lead ingot.

Configuration of the Ingots

Many companies are selling lead ingots in bulk lots of 5-pound ingots. These are typically in bars, which can create problems with storage and handling once they arrive at your facility.

Other companies offer ingots that are formed in strings. The typical configuration is 5-pound ingots on strings of 5, for a 25-pound total weight for the string. This is easier to handle and store.

Shipping Considerations

Lead is heavy, which means that shipping costs are often a bigger factor in the cost than with other types of alloys and metals such as aluminum. If you are buying bulk lots of ingots, look for a supplier with a network of distribution centers. This allows the company to ship from the closest facility to your delivery location, often reducing the shipping costs significantly.

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