Rum Fruit Cake for All

Rum fruit cakes are delectable, welcomed treats that are appropriate for nearly any occasion. Whether they are small or large, these cakes are an instant conversation starter when done correctly. However, successfully pulling off this recipe is no easy task for the novice baker. Anyone can Google a recipe these days, but only a select few actually have the expertise to master rum fruit cakes to perfection.

Prepping for Rum Fruit Cake

Once all the ingredients and steps involved in the process become clear, most people realize it’s much wiser to shop for rum fruit cakes than making them from scratch. Let’s say you wanted to whip up ten small loafs for a local event, the prep-time alone could take up two days. The actual cook time is about an hour and 45 minutes.

Rum Fruit Cake Done Right

The prep time can vary according to how long you plan on soaking the fruit in the rum. The cooking time for the fruit cake can vary according to what type of baking dish you use. Some of the ingredients used in a rum fruit cake include pitted cakes, candied cherries, candied pineapples, pecans, applesauce, coconut oil. all-purpose flour, and a number of other ingredients.

Getting rum fruit cake baked to perfection is one thing, but getting it wrong can be so disheartening. Entrusting in a professional baker can save you time, stress and help ensure that your rum fruitcake is baked properly on time.

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