Factors To Discuss With A Jacksonville, FL, Child Support Lawyer

It is very common for the partner receiving child support to request a modification of the child support at any time after the divorce. This can only be done when specific factors occur, and working with a top child support lawyer in Jacksonville, FL, will be an important first step to see if there are the criteria in place to request a modification.

Perhaps the biggest myth heard is child support modification is an easy case to prove to the court. While it is possible the facts may be straightforward in the case, having the legal representation to present it to the court and to have all the necessary factors is not easy.

Hiring a child support lawyer will allow the legal expert to review the reasons the modification is being requested. In some cases, manipulation by one or both parents in the case may become problematic, which further adds to the need to have a qualified, experienced legal representative.

Child Support Increases

For the parent receiving child support, there may be an opportunity to increase the payments through a modification. The factors to consider will be the loss of a job or income provided it is not voluntary. In other words, a parent cannot quit a job or refuse to take a job to request a modification.

Other factors can include the other parent having a substantial change of income. This must be at least 15% or $50 in order to be considered. The child may also have specific expenses for medical care, day care, education or other related factors, all which will be reviewed by the child support lawyer.

Child Support Decreases

Should the parent paying child support, lose a job involuntarily or have a cut in pay that they did not initiate by working fewer hours, they may go to the court with a child support lawyer to request a decrease in payment.

This can also occur if the other parent has an increase in income or if the expenses for the child have decreased for some reason. Talking to a Jacksonville, FL, child support attorney will help determine if these factors apply to your child support order.

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