Take The Guesswork Out Of Buying AR Accessories

There is nothing more frustrating than ordering new accessories for your AR weapon, waiting for them to be delivered, and then finally getting them only to find out they are not the right parts.

There are a few steps to take to ensure you get the right AR accessories for your weapon. By looking around online and knowing what you want and whom you want to buy it from, you can avoid the problems of buying items based on incomplete descriptions, details, and specs.

See the Part in Person

Many of the best companies making AR accessories in the United States have a network of authorized and approved distributors and dealers. Whenever possible, if you are not sure, talk to a local dealer selling the brand and the parts you are considering.

These professionals can provide insight into what parts and components will work with your gun. They will also let you know if the AR accessories you need are in-stock, which can cut down on wait time for the part to arrive. In many cases, they can also expedite orders if you need the component in a rush.

Call In

Top manufacturers making AR accessories will have direct lines for their customers to call in and ask questions. This allows gun owners to call in and speak directly to the manufacturer to determine if a specific component or accessory will fit a given weapon. Remember, some customizations can also impact how replacements fit, so this will also be important to consider and discuss if there is any doubt.

Know the Policy

Most manufacturers are very good about accepting returns or making repairs or replacements on parts and components if there is any defect. However, if the defect is due to any modification of the part or accessory, returns are typically not allowed.

When getting confirmation in advance the accessory will fit your weapon, the chances of having to return the part will be extremely low. A bit of work in advance of the order is all that is required to avoid this issue.

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