Facts and Myths About Bethlehem PA Hearing Aids

Are you experiencing hearing loss? Have you been going through life asking people to repeat themselves? It happens to more people than you know. In fact, 30% of the world’s population experience some sort of hearing loss. In this article you will learn some of the most discussed myths about Bethlehem PA Hearing Aids.

  • Myth: Hearing aids “repair” the ear. Hearing aids do not “cure” the ear, like glasses do not “cure” your eyes. As with glasses, hearing aids provide benefit by improving your hearing and listening skills, which substantially improves quality of life.
  • Myth: You can save money by buying hearing aids online. Beware of mail order or buying hearing aids online. The adaptation of a hearing aid requires previous studies, previous treatments and sometimes instruction in the use of hearing aids, follow-up care and support, repair and rehabilitation services.
  • Myth: A headset can damage your hearing. A headset that is properly adjusted and maintained cannot damage your hearing.
  • Myth: Hearing loss is not reason enough for Bethlehem PA Hearing Aids. The social and personal impact of hearing loss varies depending on the age and needs of each patient. In some cases a small loss may require adjustment, while in other cases larger losses may not affect the quality of life of patients.
  • Myth: The invisible hearing aids are the best. There are several types of hearing aids with different characteristics. The most important thing is that you buy a hearing aid that suits your hearing needs.
  • Myth: While using hearing aids, noises are loud and nothing is understood. Typically, when a patient decides to wear hearing aids it is because supporting family pressures them to do so or because their hearing loss interferes with their life. A hearing aid, although the modern ones are equipped with programs that “filter” much of the ambient noise, amplifies all sounds.
  • Myth: It does not matter when you decide to buy hearing aids. An adaptation of a hearing aid is much more than going into a store and buying one. It requires learning and “getting used” to hearing again.


The lower the loss, the better the result of the hearing aid. The younger you get your hearing checked, the better the results will be. The results of binaural (both ears) hearing aids are better than those of a monaural (one ear). The hearing aid must be right for you, not the smallest or the most expensive. For more information visit Allen-ent.com today!

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