Signs You Need to See the Ear Specialist in Naples FL

by | Sep 17, 2014 | Health, Nose and Throat

If you suffer with certain ear conditions, you may need to seek care from an ear specialist in Naples FL. Though your general physician may be able to treat certain conditions of the ear, major problems are best left to an ear specialist, who fully knows all of the proper treatment methods for the ears. Through this information, you will know when you need to seek care from an ear specialist, so you can protect the health of your ears.

  • If you are suffering with a severe ear infection that does not seem to respond to antibiotic treatments, you need to seek a specialist. Severe ear infections can permanently damage the inner ear and cause hearing loss. An ear specialist can remove the infected fluid from your ear and work to cure the infection, through the use of topical medications and oral drugs. The sooner the infection is cleared, the less likely permanent damage will occur.
  • If you suffer with severe tinnitus (ringing of the ears), you may want to consider seeing an ear specialist in Naples FL. The specialist may be able to pinpoint the cause of this condition and help you to overcome the problem or at least improve your symptoms.
  • Vertigo is often a sign of inner ear turmoil. When you experience this condition, the room feels like it is spinning and moving, even though you are perfectly still. Attacks of vertigo can range from mild to severe and should be checked by a specialist. He or she can find the cause of the vertigo and treat the symptoms, so you can find relief.
  • Hearing loss is another reason you may need to see an ear specialist. While not always, some forms of hearing loss can be reversed or at least stopped. The ear specialist can treat you for your hearing loss, through hearing aids and certain procedures.



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