Look for Elite Sewer and Water Line Replacement Experts

A water pipe and sewer pipe are two critical parts of the drainage system both in commercial and residential buildings. The former supplies clean water for drinking, cleaning and washing, while the later drains all the waste-water into the sewer. These two lines, therefore, require regular maintenance and repairs. If left unchecked, water pipes can break or leak, causing you expensive and time-consuming repairs. It is, however, not an easy task, and you may be required to engage an expert in Sewer and Water Line Replacement.

Experts at Horizon Services Inc. have identified various signs that can help you detect if your water line is faulty. They include cloudy water, increased water bill, settling soil, frozen pipes and low water pressure. Blockage of sewer pipes can result in raw sewage flowing and flooding on the passages or even in the house. The stoppage of both water and sewer lines can be caused by many factors and some of them include:

  • Growth of tree roots into the pipes
  • Oil, fat and grease that is poured through the kitchen sinks
  • Poor garbage disposal
  • Mud or yard waste
  • Sanitary products like baby drapers
  • Collapsed or broken sewer lines
  • Unauthorized constructions

Sewer and Water Line Replacement is a technical task that requires expertise in building and construction as well as water engineering. The experts have the equipment and skills necessary to diagnose and solve the problem. They can identify the fixtures that are served by the blocked line and determine the best location to rod from, and the type of rodding machine to be used. They can then excavate, extract the cables and resolve the problem. The methods used to open and maintain sewer lines include jetting, rodding, video inspection and location, chemicals and excavation.

All in all, it is important that you hire a company that is licensed and has competent and highly skilled staff. They should be able to replace the damaged lines without causing more damage or discomfort. You also need to know the cost of hiring them to be sure it fits in your budget. An online review will be very helpful in getting the right experts.

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