Feeling Intimidated after a Personal Injury? An Accident Lawyer in Terre Haute, IN Can Help

After an accident has occurred, it is very easy to feel intimidated by an insurance company to settle a case. When someone’s been injured and is in pain, the last thing they want to do is take phone calls from an insurance company demanding answers on their condition. During these phone calls, they are attempting to get the injured party’s information in order to offer a settlement quickly before medical bills continue to increase. Do not settle with an insurance company before speaking with an accident lawyer in Terre Haute, IN. An injured party could forfeit thousands of dollars they’re entitled to by settling too early after serious injuries have occurred.

A free consultation is available with a lawyer to discuss the case. They can assess the merits of the case and help determine an approximate range for what the settlement price should be. Very serious or permanent injuries usually receive a much higher settlement than a soft tissue injury. A whiplash is an example of soft tissue injury. Broken bones, permanent scarring, loss of a limb and internal injuries are considered permanent injuries. Death as a result of the accident, or injuries received during the accident that resulted in death also require the assistance of an accident lawyer in Terre Haute, IN.

It’s also important to have as much information as possible whenever speaking with an attorney. If a family member has been seriously injured, it’s important to collect any information available for their case. Information should include:

*         Police reports

*         Witness names and phone numbers

*         Pictures of the damage

*         Pictures of any skid marks or debris on the road

*         Documentation of facilities visited by the injured party and dates

*         Medical documentation and prognosis

The attorney can also require other documentation, such as wages that may have been lost as result of the accident. Accidents involving tractor trailer trucks require even more detailed information that an attorney can obtain. This can include log books from the truck driver and maintenance records of the truck involved in the accident. It’s important to concentrate on recovering from serious injuries after an accident and let a lawyer handle the insurance calls and settlement. For more information on settling an accident claim, contact McGlone Law.

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