Fertilizer Spreader Scales – Remaining Profitable

Farmers today need to take every opportunity to remain profitable. Farming is a business and small profit margins are a daunting prospect for any farmer. The bottom line is extremely important when you are running your own farming business.

Today’s Regulations
Both the state and the federal government are relating the amount of nutrients that can be applied and not only that, you must provide a complete documented record of your application. With fertilizer spreader scales, being able to satisfy the government regulations is now a reality. Whether you are spreading manure, or applying fertilizer, a fertilizer spreader scale helps you with your reporting requirements.

Fertilizer Spreader Scales Help Eliminate the Guessing
If you are looking for another benefit to having a fertilizer spreader scale, then just imagine having the ability to set up and verify the rate for your equipment. Even the most simplest of scales installed on a fertilizer spreader will allow for a proper rate of calibration and save you from either under applying your product or over applying your product when you are out in the field. Using one or more fertilizer spreader scales will give you the confidence that you are applying the correct amount. In the agricultural industry, this is often considered as one of the fastest ways for a farmer to ensure accuracy, and that is a great feeling!

Save on Fertilizers
How can you save on fertilizer, which is one of the biggest expenses on every farm? Simply put, by using a scale on your spreader. And that’s just on the cost of fertilizer. Buying fertilizer in bulk can also mean a huge savings. And if you want to save a little bit more, buy it in the off season if you have a place to store it. With all these options, the key to putting it all together is attaching a scale on the fertilizer spreader.

With the scale, farmers are able to be more confident that they are getting what they pay for. And the additional advantage is that once the spreader is calibrated, you know you are putting on the right amount.

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