How Office Moving Companies in Denver Can Facilitate Moving Special Items

Moving an office or business is typically much more complicated than moving a household as there are not only more people involved, but there are more types of special items that get moved as well. Thorough planning, preparation, and cooperation are required for this kind of move between the business and office moving companies. Denver companies specializing in office moves can eliminate confusion, minimize downtime, and save money.

Basic office items such as books, desk organizers and accessories can be packed in cartons that are typically supplied by office moving service providers. Individuals within the companies or businesses usually can do this kind of packing, but there are other types of office equipment that are best handled by office moving companies.

Computers and Desktop Equipment
Information technology personnel should disconnect all computer equipment and service, warranty or leasing agents should be notified that the equipment is going to be moved. This equipment should not be packed, but each piece such as the system unit, monitor, keyboard, and mouse should be tagged with either the name of the employee or its location in the new office. The movers will then wrap these electronics with special blankets and pack them into bins designed appropriately for each piece of equipment.

Filing Cabinets
Office moving companies in Denver typically move standard vertical file cabinets with their contents intact. The file holder on the back of each drawer should be tightened securely to prevent the contents from slipping.

Lateral horizontal file cabinets have a lighter construction and are very heavy when full, so these must be emptied of the contents packed into cartons. Only the two bottom drawers of these file cabinets can remain full, but any drawers above those need to be emptied completely. Failure to do so may result in damage to the cabinet or the facility or injury to a mover or employee.

The moving of safes and fireproof filing cabinets may require heavy rigging equipment or Masonite to protect the floors during their move. The elevator load capacity of both the original office and the destination office, even if they are both in Denver, needs to be checked for safes that are extremely large.

Following these recommendations can help to reduce the stress and anxiety that often accompany an office move.

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