Fight the Harmful Effects of the Cosmetics Industry with Natural Beauty Products in Phoenix

Chemicals, whether synthetic or naturally occurring, have become widely used in today’s world. Many of them are highly recognizable for a number of reasons, and they can also be quite harmful. Still, they linger in the very air we breathe on a daily basis and continually bombard our bodies with their potentially dangerous effects.

Formaldehyde is among the most well-known of these substances. It’s used in the embalming process, as a preservative for body parts and tissue samples in medical labs across the world, included in industrial glues and implemented in certain wood products. Many may also be aware it’s among the cancer-causing agents in cigarettes. Those routinely exposed to this substance are typically cautioned to wear gloves, aprons, face masks, safety glasses and other personal protective gear.

Phthalates, a classification spanning a number of chemicals, have also been making headlines these days. They’re used extensively in the plastics manufacturing industry to make materials more malleable. BPA’s are among the most commonly mentioned of these chemicals due to their potential for giving off harmful emissions during degradation. They have been linked to a number of conditions including the development of cancer, ADHD, asthma, autism and infertility to name a few.

Toluene is a widely used paint remover known to exacerbate respiratory problems, cause skin irritation and increase the risk of birth defects. Derived from the same sources as other petroleum products, simply breathing its vapors can cause nausea. Expecting mothers, anyone with asthma and other breathing problems, and the general public at large are advised to keep their distance from this chemical unless properly protected from exposure.

These substances and many more like them have another factor in common; they’re found in hair care products, makeup, body washes and numerous other cosmetic aids. Some of the chemicals known to accelerate the aging process, cause skin irritation and inhibit healthy cell production are used to create the products used to hide or reverse such issues. The Organic Living Home of Eco Clean products has been well aware of this fact for some time and offers safer, more natural alternatives.

Natural Beauty Products in Phoenix are developed without the use of harmful elements known to promote health issues. Simply visit the website for a selection of chemical-free lotions, cleansers, deodorants and other health and beauty products. Take care of your hair and skin without the increased risk of damaging your health with Natural Beauty Products Phoenix

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