Finding a Fighting Workers Compensation Attorney in Lafayette, LA

Workplace and job-related injuries are an omnipresent hazard in the blue-collar world. A dock worker can have a crate of machine parts drop onto a foot. A fork-lift truck can crash from faulty maintenance. Repetitive stress injuries from years of warehouse and loading dock work can cripple. There are literally dozens of causes for injuries as a result of one’s employment, and that means a loss of the ability to remain on the job, the loss of income, and a pile of medical bills staring one in the face.

If it was a just world, there would be no problem with an injured worker receiving his or her just due for sacrificing a healthy body to the job. Unfortunately, there have been, and continue to be, too many employers who try to weasel out of their responsibilities where workers compensation is involved. Even where there is no active effort of the employer to evade responsibility, the company’s insurance agency will try to get the injured worker to settle for less than they are entitled to. In those cases, a fighting attorney is needed to ensure one’s rights and full protection under the law.

A Workers Compensation Attorney in Lafayette LA should know the applicable laws backwards and forwards. When an employer has failed to provide safe working conditions and tools for the job or failed to provide adequate warning of potential risk, there are legal solutions that can be enforced on the employer. In most cases, injury compensation is defined by statutory law that outlines liabilities and limitations to protect both employee and employer. It is in navigating the loopholes in the law, as well as the procedures of administrative agencies that hear workers comp claims, that the personal injury lawyer comes into play. Winning the worker’s full recompense for lost income and medical expenses is what any Workers Compensation Attorney in Lafayette LA fights for.

No worker should ever make the mistake of settling for less than the full due claim from the employer’s insurance agency. Nor should the worker allow him or herself to be effectively blacklisted from future employment for having presented a claim in the first place. These are issues that can be lost if the worker does not have a good lawyer on his or her side to secure one’s rights under the law. For more information, contact

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