Finding the Best Headstones in CT

When a family member suffers the death of a loved one, they are often faced with emotional and difficult challenges. They must find a way to honor the memory of the family member that has passed away the while, at the same time, trying to support the others left behind in their time of mourning. Those tasked with making the arrangements have the added burden of planning the funeral and designing a permanent memorial. When thinking of Headstones in CT, they will want to deal with a company that offers compassionate and professional service in addition to contemporary computer designs and traditional craftsmanship.

Shelley Brothers Monuments has served Connecticut for over 170 years. They have provided enduring, significant monuments, markers, and memorials to families while at the same time providing the caring guidance each family deserves. Learn more about us and the various headstones and designs that are possible. Those in need of a headstone will need to be guided through the choices of design, contour, color, lettering, carvings or emblems, and of course the type of stone that will be used.

One of the first things someone should do when thinking of buying Headstones in CT is to look at where it will be placed. They should also take a look at other monuments and headstones in the cemetery. If one or more of them are appealing, they should take a picture and bring it to the monument company. They should also check with the cemetery to see if there are any regulations concerning the size or construction materials that go into building a headstone. Every cemetery is different when it comes to their particular regulations. Learning about these may be as easy as making a phone call, but can save valuable time and effort further in the process. Dealing with a monument company that is familiar with the local rules and regulations can make the process even easier.

Finally, families must think about costs and budget when buying a headstone. Most families think they need to create an ornate monument, but if their loved one hasn’t left behind a life insurance policy or trust for the purposes of paying for the funeral, the cost may be a factor. Fiscal considerations must be taken into account, which is why it’s imperative to set a budget before beginning the process.

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