Finding the Right Roofer in Seattle

by | Sep 25, 2014 | Roofing

If there is any location in the United States where reliable roofers are a must, it is in Northwestern Washington State. In Seattle especially, it’s difficult to find a resident that would be willing to compromise a quality roof for the properties they own or frequent. When in it comes to figuring out what type of roof is ideal, being well informed in the differences between them creates a well-educated consumer and a more effective roofing team. Some of the most popular styles of roofing include torchdown, woodshake, metal and composite.

Torchdown roofing is a process done almost exclusively in commercial properties, and involves bitumen adhesive rolls being heated and rolled out atop of fiberglass. After a heating, primer is put down, fiberglass is rolled out, nailed down, then coated with torched bitumen. A relatively simple process for a flat roof, torchdown requires little maintenance and does well with keeping moisture off the roof. One downside is that it doesn’t do well in areas with large amounts of precipitation, yet in any other case it stands as a reliable roofing style, and a Roofer Seattle can make this happen.

Shake roofing is composed of tapered wood pieces overlapping one another down a sloped roof. The difference between shake and shingles is that while shingles are sawn from wood, shakes are made of split logs. Shake roofs are considered premium investments due to their beauty and ability to protect against the elements, yet they incur significant maintenance costs during their lifetime. Visit website for more info.

Metal roofs, usually steel, aluminum, tin, copper or a zinc and silicon blend, offer a durable alternative to wood shakes. Metal roofs require ceramic coating to prevent rust. Due to potential conductivity, there should be special consideration given to insulating a metal roof. An important point is to be leery of metal thieves.

In most cases, the most cost efficient roof involves polycarbonate composites, made to resemble wood or slate shingles. Modern day composites boast a wide range of materials to replace carcinogens. While some emphasize the combustibility of composite materials, many come with top class fire and impact resistant. The cost efficiency of installing composite roofs is exchanged for a short life, with most requiring replacement in 20 years. A highly qualified Roofer Seattle will be capable of assisting in the process of choosing the right material for any type of building. Roofers like Northwestern Roof Service Inc. make this decision very easy.

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