What Can Be Done to Resolve Flood Damage?

Floods can happen at any time. Many times, buildings are damaged as a result. Whether damage is from a natural disaster, broken water heater, or burst pipe, it is important to resolve any Flood Damage as soon as possible. The sooner damage is fixed, the less likely it is to cause additional problems. Typically, if everything is dried out and repaired within two days, there is a reduced chance of mildew or mold occurring. A professional can ensure that any damage is properly corrected and treated as quickly as possible.

If flood water comes from a natural disaster, the water itself might be unsafe. All sorts of chemicals can be picked up by ground water, as well as mud, debris and other contaminants. Anything that was touched by ground water from a flood must be thoroughly decontaminated. If sewer or toilet water is part of the flood, it is even more important to disinfect and sterilize everything. Sewer water contains a lot of harmful bacteria and possible diseases, and it can make people very sick or even die. While most hard surfaces can be dried and cleaned quickly after a flood, porous surfaces like mattresses, couches and curtains may have to be disposed of and replaced. They may be impossible to dry quickly and properly clean, making them a health risk.

It is a good idea to hire a professional to resolve any Flood Damage to a building. Professional restoration companies like Black Label Restoration have large, industrial dehumidifiers and fans to quickly dry carpets and walls to reduce future problems. They may treat surfaces with anti-mold and anti-mildew chemicals to reduce the chances of either occurring. Licensed professionals, such as Black Label Restoration, may also be able to restore damaged furniture, paperwork or photos to minimize personal loss.

Occasionally, damages might be too severe and can’t be fixed. In these instances, parts of the structure might have to be ripped out and rebuilt. This is because damage from the water threatens the integrity of the structure or poses a potential health risks. Drywall, especially, might need to be replaced after a flood, as its porous nature means is absorbs water quickly and is damaged from it immediately. Flooring may also need to be replaced, depending on the circumstances. A professional restoration company can help decide the best way to permanently resolve any damage from floods.

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