Fire Alarms in Jersey City Helps Save Lives

In order for a fire alarm to be effective in a home, the people in the adjacent rooms have to first be able to hear the beeping sound. It’s been discovered that children are the least likely to heed the warning sound than adults, which is a concern and threat to their very lives. In addition to an audible alarm, an escape route needs to be put into place to reduce the chances of a fatality due to fire or smoke inhalation. Timing is everything when it comes to protecting loved ones from the potential perils of a fire-related death.

A case study in Connecticut was conducted to prove the theory that children are more apt to sleep right through the first few minutes of a fire alarm. Their being sound sleepers could mean the difference between life and death in a real fire emergency. With infrared cameras placed in every room of this family’s home, the parents and three boys were monitored during a trial run of a mock fire alarm warning. The experiment confirmed that the boys, in….case did in fact sleep through the first three minutes of the alarm’s warning sounds. When questioned later whether the children heard the alarm for a while before they finally got out of bed, their response was that they did not until the very moment they got up. It appears from the experiment that other alternatives would need to be considered for the safety of all family members both young and old.

Effective Alarm Systems will help insure the safety of your family in the New Jersey area. Check out to get the supplies and fitting alarm system for your family’s specific needs. Fire Alarms in Jersey City is a location near you to fast-track the updates to your home or business. Once the proper equipment is in place, then implementing an effective escape route will help reduce the risk of fatalities. It is also a good idea to periodically do a fire drill too with a predetermined itinerary.

The biological differences between adults and children present a very pertinent need to update a home to the most current and effective fire alarm system. The love of family is the most significant bond in anyone’s life experience. Fire Alarms in Jersey City is a convenient location to find the supplies you need to protect the livelihood of the ones you hold dear. Visit the Website for more information.

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