Some Common Reasons Septic Repair in Haines City FL Becomes Necessary

Maintaining a septic system with pumping as recommended and treating it with respect are the best strategies for preventing problems. At some point, Septic Repair in Haines City FL may become necessary, but that should not happen for many years if the homeowner avoids actions that compromise this private sewage treatment system.

One of the most common reasons a septic technician must do Septic Repair in Haines City FL involves tree roots growing into the underground clay or concrete pipe leading from the indoor sewer pipe to the tank. This can cause sewer backups. After digging up the area to expose the tank and pipes, the technician cuts away roots in the area and adds herbicide to kill roots that are left behind. This does not harm the tree. The process should keep the system free of backups for at least several more years.

If the homeowner has the tank pumped frequently enough and everyone abides by septic system guidelines, there should rarely if ever be any backups in the future. That can change, however, if somebody in flushes or sends things down a drain that shouldn’t go into the tank or could clog the pipes. Feminine hygiene products going down toilets and grease going down a sink drain are examples.

Backups also can occur if not enough helpful bacteria live in the tank to break down waste material. Usually this is a natural process, but people in the house can accidentally kill large amounts of those bacteria with harmful substances. For instance, routinely doing laundry with bleach can kill bacteria in the tank. People may never stop to think that bleach is a disinfectant and kills microorganisms. The same is true of using antibacterial soaps and other products in the kitchen and bathrooms. A small amount, such as that used in weekly toilet cleaning, should be no problem.

When a septic system is many years old, problems with the leach field may develop. A company such as Septic Solutions Environmental, Inc. often can do drain field restoration that returns the area to effective filtering activity. The can involve clearing away clogged areas so the filtration works as intended. Get additional info here about the work of septic system technicians.

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