Fire in a Factory? Call an Industrial HVAC Service in Biloxi MS

It takes a group of professional HVAC technicians to install air conditioning equipment in an office building or manufacturing center. These are the very large machines sitting on the rooftops of commercial buildings in America. Thousands of businesses must have cool and comfortable air conditioning installed for their employees. Whether an apartment building, hotel, factory, school, church, or a home, all of these buildings need air conditioning. Many states are very warm all year long, and a business couldn’t operate very long without obtaining the services of an air conditioning company.

Teddy Bear Services has been operating in the Biloxi area for many years. Not only do they provide an Industrial HVAC Service in Biloxi MS for commercial businesses, they restore buildings and homes that have been flooded or have suffered severe fire damage. When they’re called on to dry out businesses and residences damaged by fires, they make it a practice to clean the duct work of the building’s heating and cooling equipment. After a disaster it may be full of contaminants and odors that can get into the lungs of family members or employees.

They also service the heating and cooling systems of businesses in the Biloxi area. They clean the coils, change air filters, and insert a camera inside vents showing the debris collected in the duct work. It’s extremely surprising to clients when they see for themselves what can grow inside of it. When an Industrial HVAC Service in Biloxi MS completes the cleaning, customers can be certain the air they’re breathing will be cleaner, odor free, and no longer contain dangerous pollution, or mold spores.

There are many companies that specialize in the installation and maintenance of HVAC systems in Biloxi. Most companies have a website where consumers can read that when a disaster happens to their business or home, mold spores are waiting to move in within 24 hours. Never put off calling a good restoration company in the area, and get them out to the building very quickly so they can begin the very important drying out process.

Waiting will be detrimental to the building. Eventually, waiting causes run-down buildings and detracts from the value of homes and businesses in the area. Waiting allows mold to grow, and creates a costly expense, or huge loss to homeowners and business owners alike.

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