Adding a Check Weigher For Greater Efficiency

For any packing line, having the ability to determine the accuracy of the weight of the box, package or bag is an important feature for any company. This can be accomplished by a specialized type of scale system known as a check weigher.

This is not the same as scale used on a bagging machine or on a production line. Instead, these specialized weighing machines are an additional piece of equipment that are typically integrated into the system after bagging or packaging but before final boxing or palleting and shipping.

Automatic Operation

The specific type of check weigher that is best suited for the particular product will be a factor of the packaging type, the weight ranges needed and the type of line. In general, these machines can be calibrated to the specific standards required by industries, and they can also be used to weigh and manage different packaging sizes with fully automated systems.

The typical system will include a belt that brings the packages onto the weighing belt which runs across the weighing platform of the machine. Once on the scale, if the package has the correct weight it procedures onto the next stage of the production line on a conveyor.

If the package is not in the weight range that is pre-set for the check weigher, it is shunted to the reject belt. This shunting is done through a blower system or a mechanical diverter. These rejected packages can be re-packed or processed based on the system and the items.


With the ability to weigh up to 100 packages per minute and with ranges as tight as plus or minus 0.5 grams, this equipment can be used to detect items missing from kits, incorrectly boxed items or errors within the bagging and filling equipment.

However, they are not just for verification. The best systems can be used to complete a full record of supply chain management and productivity. They can be fully integrated into barcode systems and labeling options to streamline the production and packaging line.

The systems are also designed with an LED display and easy operator controls right on the unit. This allows for quality control and management either through production software or immediately at the equipment.

To allow for complete cleaning and wash down as required by regulations, look for check weighing systems that are made of stainless steel. These are durable and resistant to corrosion even under extreme working environments.

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