Reverse Mortgage: 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Thinking about getting a reverse mortgage? Here are a few pointers to help you out.


Know as much as you can about reverse mortgages. That’s one of the best ways to know if it’s a good financial tool for you or not. You can also ask a financial advisor or reverse mortgage expert to help you get a solid understanding of what you’ll be getting into.

Assess Your Situation

Take a long look at your financial situation before you think about getting a reverse mortgage. With the right person, it can be the best retirement product out there. With the wrong one, though, it could be the single, most colossal mistake of your life, so be money-wise about your choices.

Know the Requirements

Pay particular attention to what the requirements and conditions of the loan are, says SFGate. That way, you won’t have a problem identifying what changes you need to do or what to factor in for future choices.

Tell Fact from Fiction

There are plenty of horror stories about reverse mortgages. However, it’s your responsibility to make sure that you educate yourself. Some shy away from these loans, thinking they’ll give up ownership of the property, be turned out of home, or leave their heirs with debt. These are common misconceptions you shouldn’t believe in anymore. Consult an expert to make sure you’re not missing out on a great financial tool out of ignorance or lack of pertinent facts.

Determine the Costs

You’ll need to identify all the costs you’ll have to shell out money for, and that doesn’t just include the fees. You have your property taxes to consider right along with any insurance you might have, and your living expenses as well. Are you financially capable of covering all that?

Know what you’re getting into. Ask a reverse mortgage professional for help. Visit this website for more information.

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