Five Reasons to Incorporate Limestone into Your Home Design

Limestone isn’t a material that many homeowners consider when it comes to their home design, but perhaps it should be. Limestone from New Jersey is made of pressurized sediment found deep in the ocean. It’s a natural stone that has great durability and comes in many magnificent colors. We’re going to offer some insight into how limestone can help make your home look great.


Limestone is a wonderful material that can complement a wide range of home design choices. It can be used for fireplaces, countertops, kitchen hoods, columns, and more. The large selection of colors available also means that you are likely to find an option that fits the color scheme you are going for, no matter what room you incorporate the stone into.


Limestone in New Jersey ranks as one of the most versatile stones to use in home design. This is excellent since you want to include design choices that fit your imagination regarding color and style. The tone of limestone is neutral and warm while being available in dozens of colors to fit your space. It’s also durable but is also easily hand carved to have the exact size and design that you are envisioning.


We’ve mentioned that limestone is durable, which is true. It’s often used in museums, churches, schools, and courthouses for this reason. Also, it has a long and illustrious history. It was used for many European structures that survive even today. If you want a design feature that will last generations, limestone is an excellent choice for you.

Cost Effective

While you might think limestone from New Jersey would be expensive, it’s quite affordable. This combined with the elegant style it evokes makes it a popular choice for those in the know. If you want natural stone but don’t want to blow your budget, limestone might be just what you are looking for.


Another exciting feature of limestone is that it’s consistent. Once you choose a design, color, and shape, you will get exactly what you asked for. Granite and marble can have a range of patterns and colors, but limestone is very customizable.

If you are interested in limestone for your home or garden, NJ Gravel & Sand Co. can assist you with your needs. We offer limestone and other natural stones and can do custom projects for you, as well. To learn more about us, you can reach us at 732-938-5252.

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