Fluoropolymer Coating – Applications and Benefits

When you need durability and added protection for your surface, fluoropolymer coating delivers. These are versatile coatings which can be applied to a number of different industrial applications.

When one thinks of resistant coatings, Teflon may come to mind. However, fluoropolymer offers greater toughness as a coating than even Teflon. It is a very cost-effective coating that is useful for various applications in the communications, electronics, automotive and national security industries.

Fluoropolymers are excellent for insulating various components. They are a non-conductor of electricity so they are perfect for use in automobiles, electronics and many other items involving electricity.

Heat Resistance Application
Fluoropolymer coatings also resist heat very well. They provide great protection for electrical wires with the ability to resist temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Wires coated with fluoropolymer are able to resist remain insulated even during a fire. This is especially useful for protecting wires in airplanes as well as other items such as phones and computers. The coating also helps prevent wires from short circuiting during a fire. Since the coating protects so well from high temperatures, it is also ideal for use with protective clothing worn by firefighters.

Non Stick Application
The cooking and food prep industry can also make good use of fluoropolymer coating. It provides excellent non-stick properties that make it very applicable for use on non-stick cookware, including cooking pans, trays and molds. This coating also helps make cleanup much easier.

Industrial Factories
Fluoropolymer coatings are also very useful in a number of different industrial settings, including for packaging and print factories. Factories use these coating to coat rolls, ink trays and frames which helps moving parts of printing and packaging machines to not stick to the material or items passing through.

Underwater Cables
Excellent for use in underwater environments, fluoropolymer coating is useful for protecting cables subjected to water from experiencing corrosion.

The operational efficiency of your business depends on using the right coating for your products and equipment. It is important to use an industrial coatings company with the knowledge and experience in the industry to manufacture and provide highly effective protective coating solutions.

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