Four Fashionable Ways to Wear Denim Capri Pants

Wearing denim capri pants is something that will probably never go out of style. Because these timeless trousers are still such a big hit for people all over the world, numerous fashionable looks have been created around them. Indeed, modern women of all ages can develop a stylish and attractive wardrobe simply by incorporating a few pairs of denim capri pants into their collection. The secret is to find the best shoes, tops, and accessories to coordinate with this wise choice.

1. Wedges Pair well With Denim Capri Pants

If possible, wear your favorite denim capri pants with a pair of hot, strappy wedged sandals. The little boost of height provided by a wedged shoe or boot can do a lot to accentuate your figure. On top of that, it draws positive attention to your flexed and exposed ankle or calf, making you appear fit and trim overall. The wedges that typically go best with capri pants are:

1. Open-toed
2. Sling-backed
3. 2” wedge or higher
4. Patterned or detailed material
5. Low fitting on the ankle

2. Long Shirts and Belts Are the Perfect Accents to Denim Capri Pants

Gone are the days when you feel the need to always tuck in your shirt. Although some people may say long shirts paired with denim capri pants is a bad idea, it can look quite attractive if you do it right. Try wearing your capris with a longer, tunic-style shirt and then pull it all together with a coordinating belt that fits snugly just below your ribcage.

Style Tip 1: A wider belt will give a slimming appearance while also carving out your figure in the most flattering way.

3. Play With Prints and Patterns on Your Pants

One of the best parts about wearing a pair of well-made denim capri pants is that they are incredibly versatile and they look great with a number of ensembles. Perking up your look is easy when you play with various materials, patterns, and prints. What’s more is that patterned or printed capris pair nicely with plain or basic tops, leaving your closet wide open for exploration.

4. Wear Denim Capri Pants With a Variety of Shoes

Sometimes, finding the perfect pair of shoes is the most important part of putting together a fashionable look. Those who choose to wear denim capri pants are lucky and wise, mostly because they know get to show off their shoe collection in a variety of stylish ways, such as:

1. With heels
2. With athletic shoes and ankle socks
3. With strappy sandals
4. With knee-high boots
5. With dainty flats

Style Tip 2: Create your own look with a pair of denim capri pants by trying out several different style and material combinations.

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