Four Important Stages of Asphalt Paving Installation in Madison, WI

A new driveway or parking lot can add a lot to any home or place of business. The process of Asphalt Paving Installation in Madison WI is a straightforward one that reliably produces results customers appreciate. A brief look at the usual steps involved will make it clear that all the relevant issues can be accounted for with confidence.

A Simple, Proven Process That Works

Asphalt Paving Installation in Madison WI can be a bit more complex than might be expected, but each step along the way contributes in important ways. The steps that are usually involved include:


Before a new asphalt surface can be put down, the area to be improved must be leveled appropriately. An irregular surface would encourage the same type of character in asphalt that was installed on top of it while also contributing to issues later on like cracking and potholes. Fortunately, it is normally fairly straightforward to level just about any area as might be desired.


A properly prepared and leveled surface will be almost ready to accept a coat of asphalt, but not quite. The thick, durable asphalt that will actually form the surface will normally not be eager to bond with the underlying substrate. Instead, a coat of thinner, more viscous asphalt will almost always be put down to encourage adhesion.


At this point, the bulk of the asphalt can then be installed. This will most often be mixed on site, although it is also possible to transport prepared asphalt from a plant nearby. The hot asphalt will remain flexible and amenable to spreading only until it cools down, so working with some speed will normally be necessary.


Finally, the placed asphalt will be rolled and compressed into proper shape. This final step is what gives an asphalt surface its smoothness while also making it more durable and resilient. Once a new surface has been treated in this way, it can be coated or otherwise finished as desired.

Enjoying a Brand New Driveway or Other Asphalt Surface

These simple steps produce asphalt surfaces that can be counted upon to provide many years of service. Contact us and it will be seen that asphalt paving is an affordable, practical option in many cases.

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