Four Important Things to Know about Basement Remodeling

If you live in Northern Georgia, you probably have a basement in your home. If this area is unfinished, you may be thinking about turning that part of the house into living space. However, before you attempt a basement remodeling project, here are four important things to remember, that can increase your odds of success.

1. Keep Out Moisture

Basements are notorious for attracting dampness and moisture. Before you begin construction, go over the entire area and look for signs of moisture penetration. Check for cracks and if you have problems, contact concrete or foundation repair companies for estimates. This is the perfect time to fix these things so your new walls, ceilings, and floors won’t get ruined.

2. Vapor Barriers

One of the first things your basement remodeling project should include is a vapor barrier for the walls and floors. Even a tight and leak-free basement can attract dampness because it’s underground. Buy some quality vapor barrier material and install before you put up any walls or floors.

3. Insulation

It’s important to insulate your new living spaces. The best way to insulate is to install foil or kraft-faced fiberglass batts between the wall studs. This will give you an added vapor barrier and help to keep out noises. Also, insulation will lower your heating and cooling bills and provide a more comfortable environment.

4. Consider Basement Remodeling Professionals

Finishing a basement may seem like an easy job, but there are many things to consider for a project of this magnitude. Just one mistake can result in a leaky basement with mold and mildew problems that will not go away. Before you tackle this project, contact your local basement remodeling professionals for a free estimate on the work. You may be surprised just how affordable

professional basement finishing can be, and you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches in the process.

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