Enhancing Your Dallas Garage With Epoxy Floor Coating

Professional quality epoxy flooring is a wonderful addition to any residential garage or main floor area of a home or commercial building in Dallas. By choosing the best commercial service for applying epoxy floor coating, any homeowner can have a beautiful, durable coating for any part of the home where there is an existing concrete floor.

Garages are an obvious choice for epoxy floor coating. The epoxy is extremely durable and, with the choice of professional quality and professional installation, it is possible to have a durable flooring option that will resist stains, use and even lifting from hot tires.

Stain Resistance

In any Dallas garage, the risk of spills needs to be carefully considered. This may include fluids that leak from a vehicle or spills of chemicals, paints or other types of solutions that are used in and around the home.

With epoxy coating on a floor, all that is required is a quick wipe up of the spill. As the epoxy forms a barrier or sealant, the material will generally not stain the flooring unless it is left on the surface for a significant amount of time.

Concrete Protection

Concrete, when left untreated, is a relatively soft and easily damaged flooring option. By using the epoxy floor coating to cover the concrete surface, it eliminates the porosity of the flooring, avoiding the risk of chemicals or even moisture further softening and damaging the surface.

Adds Value

The addition of epoxy coatings on a garage floor can add value, but it depends on the type of flooring applied. There are a lot of do-it-yourself kits available in hardware stores or online, but they don’t offer the quality of bonding and aesthetics to add significant appeal to a buyer.

The use of professionally applied epoxy, on the other hand, turns a basic garage into a workroom. This coating takes the floor from boring and drab to stylish and sophisticated, which definitely has an impact for buyers as well as your own enjoyment of the space.

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