An Overview Of Patent Registration In The UAE

The patent system in the UAE, as well as in other countries around the world, allows an individual or accompany to patent an invention or product that is unique. This patent prevents other companies from duplicating the product for a specific period of time.

Patent Options

Patent registration in the UAE is under Federal Law No. 31. It protects all types of patents, designs, and industrial drawings. It is a law that is in effect within the UAE, including all seven Emirates.

With patent registration in the UAE, there are three types of patents that can be considered. These include an invention, which is sometimes referred to as a letter patent. These can include both products as well as processes. There is also a utility model patent, which is designed to patent products. It does not apply to processes.

The final option is a design patent. This is just what the name implies, a patent that includes the design of an object. This can also include colors, shapes, and patterns on the object.

The Process

In some cases, it can be very difficult to determine the type of patent to register. At STA Law Firm, our expert lawyers will work with clients to determine the best option for patent registration in the UAE based on their design, process or product.

There are an application process and a review by the authorities. Once the patent meets the criteria under the law, it is then published, and there is a period of 60 days for the public to file any opposition to the patent. Should the patent be rejected by the authorities, there is an appeal process.

After the published period, and if there is no opposition, a certificate will be issued. The patent owner must pay the fees to ensure the patent is in place for the stated period. Click here for more information.

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