Benefit of Having Your Lemon Law Claim Evaluated by an Attorney

When it comes to purchasing a used or new automobile, consumers have the right to obtain a dependable vehicle that will operate accordingly to the manufacturer’s warranty. If the vehicle fails to work properly, the consumer should not bear the burden of owning an auto that does not operate. From lack of transportation to financial aspects, the individual’s life can be greatly affected if the purchase an automobile that is considered a lemon. If you have purchased a vehicle that has spent 30 or more days out of service the first 18 months of ownership or 18,000 miles, you could possibly be an ideal candidate that falls under the protection of the state’s lemon law. By receiving a free evaluation by one of the top lemon law firms close to California, they can help determine if you have a legitimate claim to file.

How an Attorney Can Assist You

   * A lawyer can review your claim and help verify if your auto falls under the lemon law.
   * Lemon law firms close to California can help provide written notice to the manufacturer of the automobile detailing the problems you are experiencing with the vehicle.
   * Once the manufacturer has been given a reasonable amount of time to fix the auto, a lawyer can file a claim for you against the company.
   * They can negotiate the terms of a settlement to help remedy the problem and protect you from experiencing the financial hardship of purchasing a car that does not operate.
   * A law firm can represent you in the courtroom if the case is placed before the court system.

Call for a Free-Evaluation Today!

Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® offers a free consultation with a potential client to help determine if they are a victim of purchasing a lemon. If their case falls within the requirements of California’s lemon laws, they will represent them against the manufacturer to gain a fair judgment. With their no-pay, until you win option an affordable solution is available to help you find the right remedy for your claim.

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