The Truth About Used, Tested And Refurbished Laboratory Equipment

It can be confusing to individuals responsible for buying laboratory equipment to sort through all the different terms, options and offers provided by various sellers. There is also the issue of pricing and how some equipment is priced.

To help to provide a clear picture about the differences in used, tested and refurbished laboratory equipment, providing details about just what is mean is often the most insightful. It can also help buyers to understand how important it is to work with a reputable pre-owned laboratory equipment company.

Used and Tested Used Equipment

There are two very different means of the term “used equipment.” Typically, when buying directly from the owner or through an online website or auction site, it means the equipment has been used and is being sold as is. With most of these sales, it is completely buyer beware.

Tested used equipment is sold by reputable pre-owned equipment dealer. This equipment has been tested at the seller’s facility, and all aspects of the system are fully functional and operational.

Tested used equipment is typically not sold with a warranty. However, there will be considerable savings on the cost, sometimes as much as 70% off the price of a new model.

Refurbished Equipment

The term refurbished laboratory equipment is not the same as used or tested used equipment. This is equipment that has been tested as well as inspected. During the inspection process, any worn or outdated components are upgraded to meet OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards.

In other words, the equipment that is sold by reputable dealers as refurbished laboratory equipment is like-new in all aspects of the system. As this has been inspected and repaired or upgraded to OEM standards, there is typically a warranty offered on the equipment. This is usually for six months to a year, but it may be extended based on the needs of the buyer and the specific equipment.

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