3 Reasons To Choose An Applied Biosystems Genetic Analyzer

One of the reasons that labs turn to a specific manufacturer of equipment and instruments is quality. When it comes to an Applied Biosystems genetic analyzer, quality in the equipment, as well as a range of different factors, often comes into play.

The Applied Biosystems brand is a Thermo Fisher Corporation company. It focuses exclusively on Life Science equipment and specifically for instruments for use in genetic analysis. With this solid foundation, the different models and options in Applied Biosystems genetic analyzer systems have become the gold standard for DNA analysis and sequencing.

Reputation and Reliability

One of the hallmarks of all of the Thermo Fisher brands is the reputation of the company and the reliability of the equipment. This is equipment that is built to last in real-world testing applications.

The different models of genetic analyzers are designed to offer durable, dependable and highly accurate results and processes throughout the life cycle of the system.

Flexibility for Production

Choosing the best model of Applied Biosystems genetic analyzer for specific testing requirements doesn’t mean giving up flexibility in production and processing. These systems are designed when performance and flexibility for small and large yields are a must.

Rapid Cycle Times

Having the ability to build in rapid cycle times on the analyzers means less time spent in running cycles to create the required DNA sequencing process. With rapid cycle times comes a decrease in time spent in the lab as well as precision and control throughout the process.

In addition to these advantages, the ABI genetic analyzers are also designed to be streamlined and to work well even in a small testing facility. Offering a smaller footprint than other systems, they are a good choice for most production and testing facilities.

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