Red Flags When Talking To A Used Laboratory Equipment Supplier

Any business has great suppliers and providers and those that are less than ideal. When in the market for used or refurbished medical or laboratory equipment, finding a top supplier will be a priority.

Not only will the right used laboratory equipment supplier be able to save your money, but you will also have equipment that is delivered in like-new condition. These companies can even arrange to purchase your existing surplus lab and medical equipment, helping to save you time and stress in trying to make a sale on your own.

There are some key indicators to watch for when talking to a used laboratory equipment supplier. By understanding where the red flags are that you may not be dealing with an experienced or reputable company you can avoid potential problems during the transaction.

Lack of Knowledge of Equipment

When a company specializes as a used laboratory equipment supplier, they know their equipment. The sales staff is able to speak to your lab manager or purchasing department to answer questions about the features, functions, and compatibility with the models you are considering.

Extremely Limited Selection

The large used medical equipment suppliers have a significant inventory of the top brands and the most commonly ordered models. They may also offer some highly specialized equipment.

When a company offers a very limited inventory selection, they are more likely to be a broker, simply handling a sale for sellers. These companies also have limited knowledge of the equipment.

Problems with Payment Options

Be very concerned if a company only completes transactions by cash or other types limited payment options. Top used lab equipment suppliers will be able to accept traditional types of payment options. Additionally, the top sellers may even offer financing for purchases, which can be a very good option for labs of any size to spread out the payment over a longer period of time.

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