How to Tell if Your SEO is Working

It is great that you have taken the initiative to work in Springfield, IL, with a SEO company to boost your internet traffic. They are going to help get your website listed better on search engines, and get you more exposure. You know that getting in front of prospective clients can be difficult, and that search engines are going to improve that. At least you hope that will happen. Now how do you actually know if this is working? There are a few gauges that you can look at to see if your efforts are being successful, and these results are going to be useful in many ways.

Bottom Line

This is where it all comes down to. You spend money on SEO, so you would hope to see an increase to your bottom line. When your SEO is costing more than your increase in profit, it might not be a great business decision. This may highlight a need to change your strategies; however, the bottom line is impacted by so many different factors, it might not be the best indicator.


Your sales data is going to be less impacted by other aspects than your bottom line. This can give you a closer look at your results of your SEO efforts. It removes any outside bias from increased costs, and other business aspects. When your sales data rises after implementing SEO strategies, it is likely that your work is paying off. Again, like the bottom line, there are some other influences, and further detail is needed to ensure that your success, or failure, in this can be traced back to SEO strategies.

Web Traffic

Web traffic is going to be a key indicator of your SEO effectiveness. Your web traffic is directly impacted by SEO, and there is not much else that can effect it. You can trace these improvements back through the different levels of data, and use this to find potential sticking points in your business processes. It will also tell you when, and if, you need to adjust your SEO strategies.

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