Two Common Myths About an Epoxy Floor in a Nashville Garage

There are several myths circulating on the internet in various blogs and articles, as well as on product websites, indicating all epoxy flooring and many other options, such as garage floor paint, are equal in their durability, ease of application and longevity.

In reality, there are significant differences between these products. Unfortunately, often Nashville homeowners find out too late the price they have just paid for a do-it-yourself epoxy flooring kit or some very expensive floor paint is a cost they will have to incur again in a very short period of time.

To help avoid these issues, take a closer look at two common myths about epoxy floor often misrepresented as facts.

1. Do-it-yourself Kits and Professional Epoxy Coating Are the Same

Most of the do-it-yourself epoxy kits are a one or two coat option. They are also a general epoxy that is very thin, designed to be easy to quickly roll on the prepared floor to prevent problems with application and allow for quick drying.

The commercial and industrial epoxy coatings will also require a prepared floor surface. This means the floor will have to be sanded, repaired and leveled as needed. However, with the custom mixing of the epoxy and the self-leveling quality of the coating, minor surface irregularities are filled in during the application process. This leaves a smooth, even surface on the flooring which is not possible with the do-it-yourself kits.
These applications include a primer and base coat, a layer of decorative chips and then a specially mixed protective coat designed to be resistant to chemicals and UV light.

2. Quality Garage Paint Lasts as Long as Epoxy

Hot tire pick-up is a common issue with even the best quality garage paint. This is because the paint just adheres to the surface of the concrete while the epoxy bonds and then is protected by the protective coat.

An epoxy floor that is professionally installed does not lift, peel or flake. The same cannot be said for paint which can lift, peel and flake with normal wear and tear in any Nashville garage.

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