Four Items Required to Obtain Restaurant Permits in Los Angeles

Before potential restaurant owners can obtain their permits, there are certain items required for them to obtain. A hired contractor can often assist with this paperwork, ensuring the permits are properly filled out and received before work has begun. There are at least four items necessary.

Construction Plan

Departments do not often issue a permit without a solid plan written down. A construction plan and plan of action for the building time-line needs to be submitted. Sitting down with a contractor to come up with this plan is often best, as they have the expertise to ensure all details are thought of and included. This will make the plan go through easier.

Money for Fee

Restaurant Permits in Los Angeles cost money. They are not provided for free. Potential business owners must have money ready to pay for a fee if they hope to obtain a permit. This fee can be paid in person, online, or through the mail.

Department of Engineering Permit

Restaurants are looking to have indoor seating have to get more than just the average permit from the health department. They must also receive a permit from the Department of Engineering. This will allow them to place chairs and tables outdoors, and serve customers outside if they wish.

Proof of Food Safety Training Course

Oftentimes, it is required that someone involved with the restaurant attend a food safety training course. Proof of attendance is needed for anyone hoping to obtain a permit. Each state has its own set of approved courses that people can take.

Restaurant Permits in Los Angeles take a time to get, so potential business owners need to be sure to plan out their ideas accordingly. It will not be a simple matter that gets done in a few days. Instead, people need to set aside time to gather the correct information and items before submitting their permits, and wait for them to be approved before any construction work can begin. Get more information from a local construction team, as they can help find the necessary information, as well as submit the permits to the appropriate institutions.

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