Try Heating Oil In Groton, CT

Almost ten million U.S. residents use heating oil to keep warm during the winter. There are many reasons for this. First, many homes have boiler systems that heat the house through radiators. Most of these homes are in rural northeastern areas. Residents have underground tanks to hold the oil. Companies truck the oil in and fill the tanks. Like all fuels, heating oil prices go up and down. Individuals try to buy oil when the price is down in the summer and fall. However, they usually have to get a winter refill. Heating oil is refined from petroleum. Like other petroleum products, the price fluctuates along with the cost of crude oil.

Companies who supply Heating Oil in Groton CT usually have savings programs. The Price Cap program allows consumers to divide their fuel costs over a ten-month period. This way, residents do not have to worry about ups and downs in price. Additionally, the program offers a cap price during the contract. If the daily price goes below the cap price, customers pay the lowest amount. The prepaid fixed price offers a deal where customers are locked in for one price during the contract. The contract runs from September through June. The fixed price is guaranteed regardless of the market prices. Companies also use an automatic delivery system. The system lets them know when a customer’s tank is getting low. They will schedule a delivery and make sure the family stays warm.

People who use Heating Oil in Groton CT know how to take safety precautions. Boilers and radiators need to be serviced regularly by a qualified contractor. Further, storage tanks should be inspected to make sure they are not leaking. To get more information, visit an oil company’s website and click here to learn more. Heating oil remains popular because it is one of the most efficient fuels. It produces much more heat than other fuels. Oil is also good for the environment. Boilers that use oil release less carbon dioxide than gas models. Heating oil is efficient and economical. Try this environmentally-friendly fuel and stay cozy this winter.

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