Pet Grooming In Alexandria Keeps All Of The Four-Legged Friends Clean, Fresh And Healthy

Most four-legged pets are part of the family. They need to be cleaned and groomed on a regular basis to eliminate odors they can leave behind. They will also feel better, and it can eliminate allergens from affecting their skin. Some animals need to have their fur clipped and combed on a regular basis to deliver the look they should have. pet grooming in Alexandria can help take care of bathing, clipping and other grooming a dog or cat needs. Dogs nails need to be trimmed on a regular basis to eliminate them sliding on smooth floor surfaces and getting hurt. Individuals who own cats that aren’t declawed can have the cats nails trimmed as well.

Pets should also have dental cleanings as part of their grooming process. Animals can get gum disease, tartar build up, and abscess teeth. Regular cleanings are just as important to an animal as they are to human dental care. Pet grooming in Alexandria can perform digital dental radiographs and ultrasonic dental scaling. For animals that are developing or have developed gum disease, sub-gingival scaling can be performed under the gum. This is an added feature to regular cleaning to remove excess bacteria due to gum disease and lessen the opportunity for the pet to lose their teeth. When the scaling is completed, they can polish, and fluoride rinses all of the teeth for better breath and a healthier mouth.

Proper cleaning of an animals teeth can eliminate tooth loss as well as pain when they’re eating. An animal who has a sore mouth could lose weight and become ill due to red or swollen gums. Bathing the outside of a pet is just as important. They can enjoy a bath to remove mats that have developed on the fur. They can also have their ears cleaned and plucked to eliminate dirt from building up inside and creating an ear infection. Medicated baths can be given for animals that have any type of skin infection and for flea removal. Overall cleanliness of a pet can keep the pet feeling healthier and the owner content that their home won’t have odors from the pet. The Hayfield Animal Hospital offers all of these services and much more.

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