Four Steps You Must Take After a Workplace Injury

There are four steps a worker must take after a Workplace Injury so they can be sure they will be able to secure their worker’s compensation benefits. Taking these steps will help to ensure there is less stress during the claims process and will help to reduce needless delays and denials. With this information, injured workers can better understand the role they play in pursuing worker’s compensation through their employer.

  • Depending on the degree of injury, the first step should be to seek immediate medical attention. If the injury has caused a medical emergency, a worker should contact 911 and seek immediate care. Non-life threatening injuries should be checked by the company’s approved doctor. Although a worker has the right to see the doctor of their choice, they will also be required to see the company doctor.
  • It is imperative an injured worker informs their employer as soon as possible. The law requires workers to notify their employer in a reasonable time. Workers should notify their employer of how the injury occurred and what body part was involved. Most companies have a specific work injury policy that should be followed by the injured worker to ensure there are no delays in the process.
  • After a Workplace Injury, an injured worker will be contacted by their employer’s insurance company. The insurance company will want the injured employee to give a recorded statement on how their injury occurred. They may also be asked to fill out forms, sign documents, and answer questions. It is imperative a worker complies with all they are asked to do.
  • While not a requirement, many injured workers end up hiring a lawyer to protect their rights, especially if they suffered a serious injury and feel they are being given the runaround by their employer or the insurance company. Although a lawyer cannot guarantee any outcome for a client, they can certainly protect an injured worker’s rights and best interests as they proceed through the process. A lawyer can also help if an appeal is needed.

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