Frequently Asked Questions About Clay Tile Roof Repair In Tucson

Clay tile roofs are a popular choice for homeowners because they’re attractive, and they can last for around 100 years. Even though this type of roofing system is durable, there are times when a homeowner may need to call a Roof Repair Tucson area roofing company. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn all about repairing clay tile roofs that have sustained damage.

Q.) What causes clay roof tiles to become damaged and require repairs?

A.) The clay tiles on a roof can crack when they’re hit with hailstones or when large tree branches fall on the roof. They’re also susceptible to breaking when an individual improperly walks on the roof. The nails that fasten the tiles to the roof deck can deteriorate and cause the tiles to fall off. Areas of the roof where tiles are likely to sustain damage, such as cracks, chips, and breaks, are in the roof valleys, along the edges of dormer windows and around the base of chimneys.

Q.) What type of damage can occur to a home if the broken clay tiles are not replaced?

A.) When it rains, cracked or broken tiles can no longer protect the home from water damage. The water can possibly leak through the attic and ruin the ceiling. The roof deck will eventually rot, and when this happens, it can’t support the weight of the roof tiles. To make the roof stable again, roofers will have to rebuild the entire wooden roof structure and install new clay tiles.

Q.) How does a roofing crew repair broken or damaged clay tiles?

A.) When a Roof Repair Tucson area roofing crew repairs a damaged clay tile roof, the faulty tiles and old nails are removed from the roof. If the roof structure underneath the damaged tiles is sturdy, new tiles are inserted and nailed into place. If the roof deck is weak, it’s replaced with new boards before the new clay tiles are installed.

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