What to Know Before Choosing an Anti-Aging Treatment in West Chester PA

Age, stress, pollution and environmental factors can strip the skin of moisture. All of these factors impede collagen production, accelerate aging and cause deep wrinkles on sensitive facial skins. That is why it is essential to choose the right anti-aging treatment. Anti- aging treatments combat aging effects and reduce signs of sun damage, thereby reducing the risk of developing skin cancer and pre-cancers.

There are many types of treatments available to reduce the effects of aging, from lasers to peels to creams. To get the most out of an anti-aging treatment, it is important to work with an experienced skin professional at BeBalanced Center. A certified skin specialist will examine a patient’s skin, and recommended the best anti-aging treatment available. Here are the three major factors to consider when selecting an Anti Aging Treatment in West Chester PA.

Type of Skin

There are four major types of skin: normal, dry, oily and sensitive skins. Knowing a patient’s skin type is vital when selecting an anti-aging treatment that will deliver successful results. People with dry skins should use emollient anti-aging creams while those with oily skins should go for the gel-type moisturizers. People with sensitive or acne-prone skins should use anti-aging treatments with no scents or irritants.

Choose Creams with Antioxidants

Antioxidants are plant-based compounds that protect the skin from oxidative stress. Oxidative stress causes the skin tissues to breaks down and makes the skin to sag. Oxidative stress is caused by the presence of molecules known as free radicals. Free radicals destroy healthy skin cells from the inside. Antioxidants help to protect the skin from free radicals. They keep the skin smooth, firm and youthful-looking.

Boost Collagen Production

Collagen is a structural protein found in connective tissues. It makes the skin appear smooth, supple and firm. As a person ages, their levels of collagen production decline significantly. This results in saggy skin, wrinkles, and dark appearance. When choosing an anti-aging treatment, it is essential to go for one that boosts collagen production.

These are some of the essential details to know before choosing an Anti-Aging Treatment in West Chester PA. For more information about anti-aging treatments and how to contact a skin specialist, please go to .

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