Frequently Asked Questions About Dryer Appliance Repair In Shrewsbury MA

If your dryer stops working, you may be able to do the repairs yourself as many dryer problems are simple to fix. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn about common dryer problems and the solutions. If you still can’t get your dryer to work, contact an experienced company that specializes in Appliance Repair in Shrewsbury MA and a technician will come to your home to fix your dryer.

Q.) What is wrong with a dryer when it fails to get hot?

A.) If the dryer drum rotates, but the unit is not heating up, check the dryer control to make sure that it’s on the correct heat setting. The control may be on a setting that doesn’t produce heat, such as the fluff setting. Inspect the circuit breaker and the fuse box to make sure that a circuit hasn’t tripped, or a fuse hasn’t blown. Some dryers operate on two different breakers or fuses and even though the motor runs on one fuse, the heating element runs on two. If these tips don’t fix your dryer, an appliance technician may have to order a new heating element and replace the malfunctioning part with the new one.

Q.) What causes a dryer to make a loud screeching noise?

A.) If your dryer is making a horrible sound, the glides or rollers need to be replaced. Another common culprit is that the drum bearing is worn out, and the appliance needs a new one. The glides can wear out and cause the metal drum to rub on the glide bracket, and this causes the noise. To reach the rollers, the dryer belt, and drum must be removed from the appliance first. These parts, as well as the element housing, will have to be taken out to replace the drum bearing on the dryer. Contact a technician that specializes in Appliance Repair in Shrewsbury MA to diagnose the cause of your screeching dryer and to make the necessary repairs.

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