The Wisdom of Purchasing Headstones in CT in Advance

by | Aug 27, 2015 | Business

Many people understand the importance of making funeral and burial arrangements in advance. Doing so takes a tremendous burden off the shoulders of those who are left behind. Part of the planning will involve considering different options for Headstones in CT. Here are some points to ponder when making decisions about the specifics of the headstone.

Considering Different Materials

Not everyone is aware of how many different materials can be used for Headstones in CT. Marble and granite are two of the more common options, but there is also the possibility of going with slate, bronze, or sandstone. Keep in mind there is no rule that says every element of the headstone must use the same material. For example, the body of the stone could be composed of granite and then paired with a bronze plaque bearing the name and other vital information of the deceased.

The Style and Size of the Headstone

Since headstones come in all sizes and shapes, it pays to find out if the cemetery where the individual will be interred has any specific guidelines in place. It is not enough to simply look around the area and make a note of the types of stones used on other graves. Some of those graves may have been in place before the current owners purchased the cemetery and created the current set of guidelines. With written guidelines in hand, it will be easier to work with a professional and come up with a suitable style and design.

What to Add to the Stone?

The inscription on the headstone is something that must be considered closely. Some people will want to keep things simple and include nothing other than the name plus the birth and death dates. Others may want to include features like a nickname. Perhaps the individual was known to use a certain phrase regularly, and including it in the stone inscription would certainly be appropriate.

For help in choosing the right elements for a headstone, contact us and set up an appointment today. With a little time and planning, it will be possible to create the perfect stone and move forward with installing it at the grave site. Rest assured that when the time comes, adding the death date will not be difficult to manage.

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