Gaining Custodial Rights as a Stepparent Calls for Expert Guidance

If you are seeking a divorce lawyer in Wheaton and want to pursue visitation or custody of a stepchild, you are likely familiar with the difficult process that exists when stepparents seek custodial rights. As a stepparent, there are some rights afforded to you, but the path to having them awarded can be difficult.

Securing Custodial Rights as a Stepparent

Custodial rights are governed by a strict set of guidelines which makes finding an experienced divorce lawyer in Wheaton with a depth of knowledge in this practice area essential. There are strict limitations on when a stepparent can petition for custodial rights. Some of the main points are: the child is 12 years of age or older, the biological parent cannot refuse your request to remain in the life of their child, and the couple must have been married for at least five years, during which time the child lived with them.

The Right Divorce Lawyer in Wheaton Can Help to Secure Custodial Rights

If you are eligible for custodial rights with your stepchild, there are many ways that an experienced attorney can help you navigate this process. Pursuing these rights is not a simple process, and without appropriate legal representation, it can be nearly impossible. In addition to petitioning for custody, many stepparents also pursue visitation rights.

Why it is Vital to Hire Legal Counsel as a Stepparent

Securing custodial rights of a stepchild is not an easy process, and is one that is greatly helped by hiring an experienced lawyer that is familiar with custodial law. Family and custodial law are governed by many regulations that general practice lawyers may not be familiar with. Hiring an attorney that has a significant amount of relevant experience will boost your case.

Hiring an experienced custodial and divorce lawyer in Wheaton is the first step in beginning the process of pursuing custodial rights of your stepchild. If you wish to stay in the child’s life, there are rights that you can pursue as a stepparent.

Fay, Farrow & Associates, PC is a full-service law firm located in Naperville, Illinois. They handle all manner of family law and serve the entire region, including DuPage, Will, Kane, Kendall and Cook Counties. Founded in 1979 by John L. Fay, the firm provides legal counsel of all types with a focus on child custody, divorce law, and mediation.

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