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Parts of Your Garage Door That May Need Replacement

If you own a home with a regularly used garage, you know that it is important to keep your garage door working smoothly and consistently. There are a number of components involved in this door’s regular operation. The following are some of the garage door parts in Titusville, FL that may break and need to be replaced.


Garage doors operate partially through the use of springs with very high tension. If your garage door springs have broken, you may notice that your door refuses to open fully, falls closed rapidly or operates in a jerky fashion. It is best not to attempt spring repairs on your own. Due to their high tension, springs may sometimes cause injuries to those who are not certified.

Gears and Sprockets

Without its gears and sprockets, your garage door would not be able to go up or down properly. If these components wear out or become stripped, you may notice grinding or humming noises. Your garage door may also refuse to open. If your doors have problems with gears or sprockets, call an expert for new garage door parts in Titusville, FL.


There are a number of ways your garage door panels may become damaged. A bump from a vehicle is one common cause. Other causes may include impacts from children riding bicycles or playing sports very near the door. If your doors have panel problems, the damage may sometimes be repairable without replacing the entire door.

Garage Door Repair Basics

As with all parts of your home, your garage door is vulnerable to damage and wear over time. Due to accidents or years of steady usage, you may find that you eventually need to install new garage door parts in Titusville, FL. When that time comes, contact a professional for the best chance of achieving a door that works like new. Visit the Website for more information.

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