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Trees can provide a lot of benefits for any property. For instance, trees offer shade from the heat of the sun and can reduce damages caused by heavy winds. Unfortunately, they can also be a source of danger because falling branches can hurt people and destroy property. An average size limb that weighs over twenty pounds can result in major damage to a vehicle or home when it falls. Even worse, the limb can cause personal injury that the property owner is responsible for. An expert Limb Removal contractor can help by cutting away the damaged limb before it falls.

Tree limbs can suffer damage in various ways. A tree branch can rub against the home and this could weaken the limb. Plus, tree limbs can damage the home and may need to be removed. High winds and heavy storms can also cause a problem because excessive winds can weaken the limbs and force them out of the tree. Keeping the tree properly trimmed will avoid many of these issues and may also make the property look better.

Storm damage is probably the largest reason for a property owner to consider Limb Removal. This is mostly due to the fact that damaged limbs and branches can hurt the health of the tree. Plus, weak tree limbs are a hazard waiting to happen. A large limb falling on a roof can result in massive damage to the structure including broken joists and decking.

Hiring a reputable tree pruning company such as Timberline Tree Service can help protect both the home and property owner from these issues. However, it may be necessary to have one of these experts check the tree for other problems such as poor health or diseases. Some trees may have health concerns that affect the branches and limbs. Eliminating these damaged areas may be the best option, but cutting away too many could hurt the health of the plant.

Keep in mind that a tree can die and one way that this can happen is improper pruning. Trimming a weak or unhealthy tree can have disastrous consequences and may force the need for a replacement. This is why it is important to have the job handled by someone with the skills to determine the health of the tree and how trimming and pruning will affect it.

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